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the website visit-london.info was created by someone with a great passion for the city of London. That started with the school trip end seventies, I can still remember the impressive lighting of Picadilly Circus. In the 80’s I was in the Royal Netherlands Navy and we sailed under Tower Bridge with the hr ms van Speijk to finally moor next to the hms Belfast. That was a fantastic trip.

Later I made several trips to London, where the love for the city only increased. In the summer of 2022, after an 8-day trip, the idea came up to create a website about London. Making websites and the city of London are both passions of mine so it seems like a perfect combination.

questions about tickets

if there are any questions about ordered tickets, please contact the website where they were purchased. We do not sell tickets ourselves, but only link to other parties that sell tickets, so we have no insight into orders.

used sources

In addition to our own knowledge, the following sources sometimes have been used when writing the articles on this website.
books: Fodor’s London, London travel guide, Lonely Planet London, DK eyewitness London
websites: several websites

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