windsor castle

The beautiful Windsor Castle, about 40km west of London, was the favorite residence of the late Queen Elizabeth, and is also where Prince Harry and Meghan tied the knot.

The castle consists of two large parts, with a large tower in the middle. When the King is staying at Windsor Castle, the great Royal flag is hoisted, when he is not there, the Union Jack is displayed.

It is possible to visit the castle for a fee and admire the luxurious state apartments, crown jewels and works of art. It is wise to buy tickets in advance, it is often very busy at Windsor Castle.

changing of the guard

the changing of the guard is the procedure in which the regiment that has been on duty for the past 24 or 48 hours transfers its responsibilities to the new regiment. This takes place at Windsor Castle on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 11am, weather permitting.

Windsor Great Park

south of the castle is a beautiful park, the Windsor Great Park, with a total size of more than 2000ha. The long walk runs through the park, a straight path of 5 km in length that starts at Windsor Castle and ends at the statue with a copper horse

shopping in Windsor

after visiting the castle it is nice to walk through the shopping streets of Windsor. There are normal shopping streets, but also an indoor shopping mall.

plane spotting

Airplane enthusiasts can also indulge themselves in Windsor. Heathrow Airport is close by, so low-flying planes come and go.

river Thames and children’s playground

if you go down at the main station (via the stairs) you end up in a very interesting part. The river Thames runs here and you can enjoy a nice walk or take a boat trip. Walk a bit and you will arrive at a kind of mini fair with all kinds of attractions for children.

how do you get there?

Tickets for Windsor & Eton Central can be purchased from the vending machine at Paddington station. Then take the train to Slough, get off here.
Attention: at Slough station, intercity trains regularly run at very high speeds close to the platforms!
In Slough you can then catch the direct train to Windsor & Eton Central.
In total, the journey takes about 40 minutes.
From the station you can walk straight into the shopping area and just behind it is Windsor Castle.


the london pass

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