fast ride with the Thames Rockets

those who fancy a fast trip with a speedboat on the Thames and are not afraid of a strong adrenaline rush should definitely take a trip with the Thames Rockets. The Thames Rockets has a 630 hp engine on board, which guarantees great top speeds of up to 50 km/h.

Of course, during the trip, gas is regularly reduced to be able to give some explanation about what to see. But then the gas goes right back on!
A life jacket will be handed out upon boarding and for safety you will also be secured with a seat belt. This is necessary because sharp turns are regularly made.

There are several tours to choose from: the Break the Barrier tour (45 minutes), the Thames Barrier Explorer (80 minutes) which takes you past the impressive barriers of the Thames and the Ultimate London Adventure (50 minutes).

Whichever tour is chosen, it will be a great adventure. There are 2 departure points: The London Eye Pier and Bankside Pier. Bankside Pier is located near the Tate Modern Museum on the south bank of the Thames.



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