Churchill war rooms

In August 1939, when war in Britain was about to start, the British cabinet and army commanders decided to go underground, moving to a bunker under the Treasury building.

On September 3, Britain was at war. The bunker served as a nerve center while the bombs fell on London. In 1945, plans were made here that eventually led to the end of the Second World War.

The rooms have largely remained the same as in 1945, such as the room where the war cabinet met 115 times and the Transatlantic Telegraph Room, which housed a hotline to American President Roosevelt. Also on display are Churchill’s desk, communications equipment and maps used to determine military strategy.

Churchill museum

the Churchill museum is a wonderful multimedia exhibition in which the life of Winston Churchill is shown in all its facets. Churchill’s weaknesses are also shown: his legendary temper and problem with drinking. But his strengths, such as his rousing speeches, are also discussed.


the Churchill war rooms are very impressive and well worth a visit. Walk through the top secret passageways and get a glimpse of what life would have been like during the thrilling days and nights of World War II.

opening times

daily from 10am to 6pm


unlike most other Museums, access to the War Rooms is not free.
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how do you get there?

underground station Westminster or St James Park

Clive Steps
King Charles St


the london pass

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