museum of London Docklands

The London Docklands is an area of East London that was once home to the city’s main ports and warehouses. During the 1980s and 1990s the area underwent major redevelopment, with the construction of new residential and commercial buildings, as well as the construction of new infrastructure such as the Docklands Light Railway. Today, the London Docklands is a diverse and vibrant area with a mix of businesses, residential communities and tourist attractions.

museum of London Docklands

the museum of London Docklands is a museum that tells the history of the Docklands area. Opened in 2003, the museum is dedicated to the history of the London Docklands, including the history of the docks, the ships that used them and the people who worked in and around them.

The museum is located in an old warehouse from 1802 where sugar used to be stored. The developments in the port area are visualized on 3 floors with the aid of photos and videos. There are also many objects that were used with an explanation. The museum also focuses on the Docklands area during World War II and the role of the area in the transatlantic slave trade, particularly in relation to the sugar trade.

Very nice is Sailortown on the second floor. Here, a port community from the 19th century has been completely recreated with old streets, bars and lodgings.


there are regular special exhibitions in the museum, eg about public executions in London, the RMS Titanic, the Great Fire of London, City and River and much more.

opening times

10am – 17pm

admission is free and no reservation is required, only an amount has to be paid for the special exhibitions. click here for an up-to-date overview and reservation of tickets.

how do you get there?

underground station or Docklands Light Rail Canary Wharf.
the museum is near the station.


the london pass

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