Sherlock Holmes museum

Sherlock Holmes is a very famous fictional detective that has starred in four novels, 46 stories and more than 200 films where Sherlock was played by 75 different actors. Because of this it’s obvious why so many fans have to visit the museum during their trip to London. For these fans a visit to the museum is almost a kind of pilgrimage.

The Sherlock Holmes museum is a museum completely dedicated to the detective Sherlock Holmes. The museum has opened it’s door in 1990 and is located on Bakerstreet 221B, this is the address of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in the books. The city of Westminster has given permission to use this number, because the real streetnumber of the museum lies between 237 and 241.

More than 2 million Sherlock Holmes fans have visited the Sherlock Holmes museum since it opened in 1990. The museum is run by the Sherlock Holmes International Society.

There are several floors in the museum, and each room is decorated as if the characters still lived there. Many items from the stories are also displayed such as the famous deerstalker hat, the pipe and the magnifying glass. Other objects that can be seen are Watson’s diary with handwritten notes and the stick of dr Mortimer, mentioned in the hound of the Baskervilles.

You can see what Sherlock’s bedroom and study would look like and it’s also possible to sit in his armchair by the fireplace. Mrs Hudson and Moriarty the patriot are also present in wax and it’s possible to pose together with them.

Be adviced that it’s a very small museum and that it can get very busy. But when you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes and dr Watson, a visit to this museum is almost a must.

opening times

monday – sunday 09:30 – 18:00


it’s highly recommended to book tickets in advance, to avoid long waiting times on the day. pre booked ticket holder are given priority when it’s busy.
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how do you get there?

underground station Baker Street.
from here it’s just a one minute walk to the museum.

221b Baker St

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