Clapham is a district in South London. It is located in the London Borough of Lambeth and is situated between Brixton, Stockwell, Streatham and Wandsworth. Clapham covers an area of approximately 4 square miles. The name Clapham is thought to derive from the Old English word for ‘meadow’ or ‘open space’.

Clapham is a vibrant and diverse community with a strong sense of identity. It is home to a range of businesses, cultural organizations and residents from all walks of life. The area has undergone significant refurbishment in recent years, including the opening of new retail and leisure facilities. It is now an interesting place to live, work and visit.

residents of Clapham

approximately 21000 people live in Clapham. The area has a high proportion of social housing and a large student population. In addition, there are a considerable number of private rental and owner-occupied homes. The average age in Clapham is 34, which is younger than the average age in London.

the great thing about Clapham is that with the underground you can be in the heart of London in no time.

what to do in Clapham

There are several things to see in Clapham, including Clapham Common park and the historic St. Paul’s Church. There are also many restaurants, bars and cafes to choose from.

Clapham Common

Clapham Common is a large park in the Clapham district. It is a popular place among residents and tourists because of the many activities you can do there. There are several walking and cycling paths, sports fields and a lake where you can swim in the summer. You can also enjoy the beautiful nature by simply walking around or having a picnic on the grass. So Clapham Common really is a place for everyone!

on a Personal note

in 2022 we stayed in an Airbnb apartment in the Clapham district, which we experienced as very positive. Clapham is a safe area with very good bus and underground connections. The disadvantage is that much of the landing air traffic to Heathrow comes over Clapham with a westerly wind, this starts at six in the morning. I didn’t find it a problem but it is something to keep in mind.

how do you get there?

Clapham Common Underground Station


the london pass

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