Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath, located in North London, is one of those still relatively unknown gems in London. The park contains many landscapes: there are forests, hills, ponds, meadows and lakes. The highest point of the park is the 100m high Parliament Hill, here you have a fantastic view of the London Skyline. The views here are fantastic, especially when it gets dark in the evening.

A chain of ponds runs along the eastern edge of the park. Here you will find 3 public swimming pools: one for women, one for men and a mixed one.

The park is home to the Hampstead Scientific Society. This is a space observatory that is open to the public on Friday and Saturday evenings during the winter period. Here you can take a look at the starry sky.

The Pergola, in the western part of Hampstead Heath, is one of those hidden gems in the park. It is a beautiful garden that is often used for photo shoots.

Golders Hill Park zoo

Hampstead Heath is also home to a small zoo, the Golders Hill Park zoo. Ring-tailed lemurs, a ring-tailed bear, fallow deer and donkeys can be found here. There is a children’s playground near the zoo.
Entrance is free.

Hampstead Heath really is a beautiful place to visit. It is the park that famous writer C.S. Lewis to write the Chronicles of Narnia.

click here for a map of the park

how do you get there?

Hampstead underground station and then a 10 minute walk north


the london pass

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