nba store

Basketball fans should definitely pay a visit to the NBA store, which has been open in London since 2021. NBA socks, caps, t-shirts, tracksuits, everything is for sale. Of course with the names of all current NBA players on it, but icons from the past such as Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen are also available.

You have to pay dearly for all the merchandise. For example, a shirt with Lebron James on it quickly costs around 90 euros. But then you have something!
As an NBA enthusiast, I just like to marvel at all that merchandise in the 2-storey building (ground floor and basement), without buying everything right away.

how do you get there?

Oxford circus underground station.
Regent Street south for about 300m then left towards Foubert’s Place.

14-16 Foubert’s Place


the london pass

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