Portobello Road Market

A world-famous street market and a diverse community converge on Portobello Road. It has been a popular market since the 19th century, attracting millions of visitors each year. Along Portobello Road and around the corner into Golborne Road, the market stalls stretch for a mile.

Despite its fame for antiques, the market has much more to offer. This is the perfect place for those who love fashion, food, books, and music. Or who want something unique and a bargain.

antique market

Since the late 1940s, Portobello Market has been famous for its antiques. Whatever your level of interest in antiques and second-hand items, the road has a variety that will appeal to you. It’s possible to find antique street stalls on Friday, but most antique dealers only sell their wares on Saturdays. Among the items available at the market are textiles, ceramics, fine art, jewellery, books, and textiles.

other areas

After exploring the antiques section of the market, it’s a good idea walking over to the food area along Golborne Road. Here you’ll find plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as stalls full of delicious bread, cake, and cheese.


Fashion is another large section of the market; you can find everything from tourist t-shirts to vintage gems. You can also find young designers selling their ultra-hip designs on Portobello Road. Support local talent by checking them out.

opening times

monday – saturday
8am – 7pm

how do you get there?

underground station Notting Hill gate

follow the signs to Portobello Road Market


the london pass

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