O2 Academy Brixton

the O2 Academy Brixton, also known as the Brixton Academy is a music venue in Brixton, South West London. The Brixton Academy is one of London’s most popular music venues, lots of famous artists have performed here such as the Rolling Stones in 1995, Coldplay in 2008, Nirvana in 1994, Madonna in 2000 (This concert was watched by 9 million people online), Above & Beyond in 2010 and David Bowie in 1991. Interesting fact about David Bowie is that he was born in Brixton, so the concert in 1991 was some kind of home game for him!

history of the Brixton Academy

the beginning of what would eventually become the brixton academy was in 1929, it started as a cinema. In the seventies it was converted to a discotheque and in 1983 it became a music venue. The Brixton Academy quickly gained popularity after it became a music venue. In 1983 the New Wave group New Order performed there, and the venue was also hired by some famous artists such as Eric Clapton, the Police and Dire Straits. They used the venue for rehersals.

capacity of the Brixton Academy  and sound quality

the venue has a capacity of 4921 making it a mid-sized concert hall. The Brixton academy is big and high and this definitely influences the quality of the sound. People who visited a concert say the sound is echoing with a lot of bass. it’s advisable to have a pair of earplugs at hand. There are some seating places in the balcony, but they are unreserved so you have to be early for that

Brixton Academy crush in 2022

during a concert of the African Singer Asake in December 2022 two people where trapped when a large crowd tried to enter the venue. This article has more information in what happened on that terrible evening.

click here for more information about the Brixton Academy and upcoming events.

how do you get there?

underground station Brixton.
from there it’s an 800m walk to the venue

211 Stockwell Rd





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