Princess Diana memorial fountain

in the middle of Hyde Park is the princess Diana memorial fountain, this is a memorial place dedicated to princess Diana of Wales. A wonderful place for children who can wade through the flowing water here. As a parent you can sit along the side and let your feet dangle in the water. It’s also great to just take a walk around the fountain.

princess diana memorial playground

a short walk to the west, in Kensington Gardens, is the Princess Diana memorial playground, a playground in Peter Pan style. It is very nice to combine these 2 attractions.

Kensington Palace and statue

the memorial playground and the fountain are both not far from Kensington Palace, the palace where Diana lived. In the gardens of the palace is a statue of Diana with her two sons.

opening hours memorial fountain

April – August: 10am – 8pm
March: 10am – 6pm
September: 10am – 7pm
October: 10am – 6pm
November – February: 10am – 4pm

how do you get there?

underground station: Knightsbridge

then walk into Hyde Park. the Diana Memorial Fountain is next to the W Carriage Dr on the south side of the lake.

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