Princess Diana memorial playground

in Kensington Gardens, west of Hyde Park, you will find the Princess Diana memorial playground, a beautiful playground in memory of the late Princess Diana.

The playground was built with the stories of Peter Pan in mind and is therefore nicknamed Peter Pan park! In the center of the playground is a large wooden pirate ship. The ship is also surrounded by sand in which the children can play to their heart’s content and there are also various climbing frames, swings and slides.

The playground is visited by more than a million children every year.

princess diana memorial fountain

in Hyde Park, a short walk to the east, the Princess Diana memorial fountain can be found. Here children can enjoy wading through the flowing water. It is very nice to combine these 2 attractions.

Kensington Palace and statue

the memorial playground and the fountain are both not far from Kensington Palace, the palace where Diana lived. In the gardens of the palace is a statue of Diana with her two sons.

opening times memorial playground

may – august
10:00 – 19:45
april en september
10:00 – 18:45
march en begin october
10:00 – 17:45
february and end october
10:00 – 16:45
november – january
10:00 – 15:45

how do you get there?

underground station Queensway.
The Princess Diana memorial playground is nearby.

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