Shakespeare’s Globe theatre

the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre is a very unique theatre located on the bank of the river Thames in London. The theatre is a reconstruction from the old Globe theatre, a theatre for which William Shakespeare wrote his plays. This old theatre was build in 1559 and destroyed by the fire in 1613. The current Globe theatre is designed to resemble the original one as closely as possible.

This fantastic theatre has something for everyone, whether you’re an avid visitor or a Shakespeare enthousiast. The shows are very entertaining and will bring you back to the time period that made William Shakespeare so famous. Before making the visit it is wise to check what productions and events are currently on.

The Architecture of the Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre is a circular building with three floors and an open roof. The ground floor is where the audience stands to watch the play. The middle floor is where the actors perform. The top floor is used as a balcony for spectators.

The exterior of the Globe Theatre is covered in plaster and paint to look like stone. The interior of the theatre is simple with wooden beams and plastered walls. There are no seats, only standing room for the audience.

open air theatre

it is important to know that the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre is an open air theatre. Events go on under all weather conditions so it’s important to dress for the weather.

opening hours

the theatre is open at specific times for tours and performances. Click here to see what’s on.

tickets four guided tours

it’s not allowed to just walk in and look around for yourself, but you can participate in a guided tour. On this page is more information about what guided tours are possible.

tickets for events

there are a lot of events taking place in the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. Check what’s on for events and tickets

how do you get there?

Southwark underground station. From here it is about a 600m walk north towards the Thames. Shakespeare’s Globe theatre is located next to the Tate Modern museum.

21 New Globe Walk


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