the Tower of London

the Tower of London is one of the most popular attractions in London. It is best known as a medieval prison where cruel torture and executions took place, but the building has also served as a palace, archive and garrison.
In the Tower you can learn about the atrocities of the past, but you can also admire the Royal Crown Jewels. The Tower was built in the period 1066-1087 by William the Conqueror and consists of 22 towers.

Every 30 minutes a so-called Yeoman Warder Tour starts. The Yeoman Warders (also known as beefeaters) tell interesting stories from over 1,000 years of Tower history. For example, they tell about the famous people who died in the Tower. Keep in mind that the route runs over 21 stairs and is therefore not suitable for people with walking difficulties.

opening hours

March 1 – October 31
daily from 10:00 – 17:30

October 31 – March 1
daily from 10:00 – 16:30

how do you get there?

Tower Hill underground station


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