by bus

when walking around London, the iconic double-decker bus is not to be missed. Everywhere in London you see them driving around, sometimes whole rows behind each other. I haven’t counted them but there seem to be over 14000 bus stops and 8000 buses.

The Underground is a faster way to travel, but if you want to see something of the city, nothing is as fun as getting on a double-decker bus. The best place is at the top of the bus and then in the front, then you really have a beautiful view.

The bus is most suitable for covering short distances, bus stops can be found everywhere. During our stay we made extensive use of the bus planner. You enter your starting point and desired arrival point here and you will then see the fastest route ( almost always via the Underground), but also the complete journey by bus (which often takes longer).

the link to the bus planner can be found here.

Various transport cards are available for the bus. See the special tickets and cards in London page.



the london pass

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