Dockland Light Rail

The Docklands Light Rail, the DLR, runs in the eastern part of London. The DLR is a kind of train that runs above ground for the most part and is completely separate from the Underground system. What is special about the DLR is that automatic steering takes place so that a driver is not present.

The network of the DLR covers a total of 38 km and there are 45 stations. Below is a map of all routes and stations of the DLR.


in the DLR you can pay with regular transport tickets such as the Oyster Card and the Travelcard. See the special tickets and tickets page for this.

getting in and out

this is very similar to the Underground, except it’s mostly above ground here.

interchange stations Underground to Dockland Light Rail

the Underground stations Bank, Tower Gateway and Stratford also have a connection to the Dockland Light Rail


the london pass

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