hms belfast

near the Tower Bridge lies the HMS Belfast. The Belfast is a warship that fought against the Germans in World War II. The Belfast was involved in sinking the German warship Scharnhorst and also dropped bombs and grenades on the coast of Normandy during D-Day. HMS Belfast served in the Royal Navy until 1965 and was retained for the English nation in 1975 as a reminder of Britain’s maritime heritage.

It is a great experience on board for both children and adults. There are a total of 9 decks where there is plenty to do: you can sit in the commander’s chair, you can steer the boat yourself and there are all kinds of interactive presentations that show what life was like on board in peaceful times and during war. Audio commentary is available with anecdotes from old crew members.

It is best to allow 3 hours for the visit.

For me personally, the HMS Belfast is very special. My first acquaintance was in 1984 when we passed under Tower Bridge with the naval frigate hr ms van Speijk and moored next to the Belfast.

Opening hours

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


tickets can be booked via this link

how do you get there?

London Bridge underground station. Walk towards the Thames and then east towards Tower Bridge.


the london pass

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