to London by car

if you want to travel to London by car, there are 2 options: by ferry or by shuttle train via the channel tunnel. The advantage of the ferry is that it is cheaper, the advantage of the train is that it is a lot faster.

by ferry to England

from Hoek van Holland in The Netherlands Stenaline sails four times a day to Harwich, the crossing takes about 6.5 hours. This crossing can also be booked as a night trip, so you can continue your journey fresh and well rested the next day.

if you want a shorter crossing, Dunkirk (Belgium) and Calais (France) are good options. From both places you sail to Dover. The crossing from Dunkirk takes 2 hours, that from Dover 1.5 hours.

by shuttle train to England

the Eurotunnel is a unique 50 km tunnel under the canal that connects Coquelles in France to Folkestone in England. The ride through the tunnel takes about 35 minutes, during the ride you just stay in the car.
the shuttle train runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

by car in Great Brittain

after arrival in Great Brittain, the journey to London can then be continued. Please note that driving in England is on the left. In London itself it is much busier than in the Netherlands. Many people don’t like driving in London and take the tube or bus instead.


the london pass

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